Post your first Guide

To submit a game guide, simply navigate to the "Guides" section on the DapDap website. You can easily locate the guide submission portal by clicking on the“Creation Center” located in the bottom-right corner of the website.

When submitting a game guide, please ensure that you include the following essential information:

  • Game Name: Specify the name of the game for which the guide is intended.

  • Guide Title: Provide a captivating title that accurately represents the content and purpose of your guide.

  • Guide Introduction: Craft a concise introduction that sets the context for the guide and highlights its key objectives.

  • Guide Content: Present your comprehensive game guide, covering various aspects such as gameplay mechanics, strategies, tips, and any other relevant information that would assist players in mastering the game.

By sharing your game guides on DapDap, you contribute to the ever-expanding knowledge base of the gaming community. Your insights can help gamers overcome challenges, discover hidden secrets, and enhance their overall gaming experiences. Join us in the "Guides" section on DapDap's website and empower others through your valuable contributions.

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