Classification of levels

Newbie: Unveiling the Portal

At the inception of your DapDap adventure lies the Newbie level – an initiation into a world teeming with potential. Accessing fundamental games and immersing in community conversations are but the tip of the iceberg. Behold the entirety of DapDap's versatile modules, including the expansive Game Library, insightful Guides, engaging Quests, and the coveted User Vault.

Gamer: Unleashing Potential

Ascend to the realm of the Gamer, where active participation becomes your signature. Delve deeper into our extensive array of games, as the gateway to in-game rewards swings wide open. Prove your mettle and increase your chances of joining exclusive Whitelist entries through the renowned DapDap Quest.

Enthusiast: Igniting Passion

Elevate your engagement to the Enthusiast level, where passion fuels your ascent. Explore the frontier of beta testing for new games, unlocking premium in-game rewards, and accessing the exclusive nexus of community events. This is where your voice resonates, shaping DapDap's path forward. Become a beacon of influence and harness the potential to be whitelisted in IGOs on

Contributor: Crafting the Narratative For those who craft worlds with words, the Contributor level beckons. Your unique perspective shapes our community through game guides and reviews, meriting recognition and additional rewards. Engage anonymously as you post game reviews, enriching the collective tapestry of DapDap's vibrant landscape.

Advocate: Forging Pathways

Step into the shoes of an Advocate, a role integral to DapDap's growth. Champion the platform, and be rewarded handsomely as referral bonuses pave your way. Engage in captivating marketing campaigns, an opportunity bestowed upon those who advocate fervently. Stand as a testament to community-driven evolution, claiming an Advocate NFT as a badge of honor.

Expert: Masters of Mastery

With mastery comes Expertise, a realm where your profound understanding of games blossoms. Seize the unique chance to shape a game's destiny through the Game Growth Plan on Here, a share of the game's growth (such as 5%) becomes your reward, while Priority Access to Hidden NFTs adds a touch of exclusivity to your journey.

Moderator: Guiding the Horizon

Elevate your influence as a Moderator, steering community dynamics with grace. Your role encompasses discussion moderation, dispute resolution, and shaping community guidelines. Immerse yourself deeper as you apply to be a DapDap moderator, earning a coveted Moderator NFT.

Developer: Architects of Innovation

For those weaving dreams into reality, the Developer level is your canvas. Your contributions influence game development on DapDap, and a superior share (such as 7.5%) awaits those who embrace the Game Growth Plan. Pioneer proposals in DapDap DAO and rise with an advanced game share, etching your legacy onto the very fabric of the platform.

Wizard: Architects of the Future

Enter the echelons of the Wizard, where wisdom shapes destinies. Eminent decision-makers and visionaries, Wizards craft the platform's evolution, their counsel invaluable. A superior game share (like 10%) rewards their foresight, nurturing the platform's growth as they usher it into new horizons.

Grandmaster: Masters of Destiny

Behold the zenith – the Grandmaster, the luminaries of DapDap DAO. Guardians of decisions, they orchestrate the symphony of success, ensuring the platform's triumph. Rewarded with the highest share (like 12.5%) from the Game Growth Plan, Grandmasters stand testament to unwavering commitment and visionary leadership.

*As you ascend through each level, DapDap's legacy becomes intertwined with yours. Embark on this transcendent journey today and carve your mark on the gaming cosmos.*

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