About Ranking

DapDap offers a comprehensive leaderboard system that showcases the achievements and standings of Web3 gaming enthusiasts. The leaderboard serves as a hub of recognition, providing valuable insights into the gaming community's activities and accomplishments. Let's explore the three key sections of the DapDap leaderboard: Comprehensive, Most Collected, and Popular Search.


The Comprehensive section of the leaderboard encompasses a wide range of metrics and statistics, presenting a holistic view of the Web3 gaming landscape. It highlights key performance indicators such as game rankings, user engagement, playtime, and more. By providing an all-encompassing overview, the Comprehensive leaderboard offers a comprehensive understanding of the gaming trends and dynamics within the DapDap ecosystem.

Most Collected:

The Most Collected section features the games that have garnered the highest number of user favorites. These games have captured the attention and admiration of the DapDap community, resulting in a significant number of user collections. By exploring this section, users can easily discover the most popular and highly regarded games within the DapDap platform, ensuring they don't miss out on the top choices of fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Popular Search:

The Popular Search section highlights the games that are generating significant interest and attention within the DapDap community. It reflects the most frequently searched games on the platform, indicating their rising popularity and user demand. By exploring the Popular Search section, users can stay updated on the latest trending games and discover exciting new gaming experiences.

Whether users seek an overview of the Web3 gaming landscape, the most collected games, or the hottest trends, the DapDap leaderboard provides a comprehensive, insightful, and engaging platform. It serves as a centralized hub where users can celebrate achievements, track progress, and uncover the most popular games within the dynamic and rapidly evolving Web3 gaming ecosystem.

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