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What activities contribute to your DapDap pts (Dap XP)?

Your Dap XP is a reflection of your active participation and contributions in the DapDap ecosystem. It is accumulated through the following activities:
  • Registering and engaging in daily activities on dapdap.io.
  • Completing your user profile.
  • Posting game guides and comments.
  • Managing on-chain assets.
  • Accumulating on-chain gaming experiences.
  • Advocating for DapDap and referring more users to the platform and community.
  • Participating in DapDap Quests.
  • Contributing to DapDap DAO.
How is a DapDap Legend level evaluated? The DapDap Legend Level serves as a status symbol within the DapDap DAO. Each level represents a different status, with higher levels indicating greater involvement and influence within the community. The higher your DapDap Legend level, the more rights and privileges you can enjoy. These rights and privileges vary by level, providing incentives for users to contribute more to the community.